The ancient craft of forging and artistic working
of iron has been handed on in the Pellegrini family since... generations. In 1976 Giovanni and Primo moved from the studio in Maccio to the present workshop and gave a new boost to their business which, though traditional, has always been supported by inventiveness and experimentation, highlighting this shop's liveliness.

Coming near the Pellegrini shop, one hears the hammer's cadenced beating. Going in, it is an old world which one finds, where the hammer, the anvil, the chisel and the fire still rule the roost.
Collaborations with well-known styling and interior design firms allowed to carry out appreciated works both in Italy and abroad.
Many are the awards. The most recent one was granted in 2005: the first prize at the XVI Biennale Europea d'Arte Fabbrile (European biennal of the blacksmiths) of STIA (AR), confirming the highest quality of this unique craft.